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Basic Pages

Homepages are styled for first impressions, and are where you should put the content you want your visitors to see first, so they can quickly get to the information they're seeking. Basic pages, like this page, are great for sharing more in-depth information about an organization (About page, Resources pages, Photo Gallery pages, etc). These pages support very similar features as a Home page does, with a few extra options, such as a sidebar, and an alternative Hero Image layout.

To see a breakdown of every available feature available (called "Sections") one can add to a page, visit this site's "Kitchen Sink":

In Web Design, the term "Kitchen sink", comes from the phrase "everything but the kitchen sink". The kitchen sink page is meant to BE everything, and in one place, so you can compare and contrast available options.

Basic Page layouts

The following pages are examples of how the UMD Terp Basic Page can be used to display content on your site. The Kitchen Sink page above displays ALL the possible options for this page.

A Section of Filler Text under a Descriptive Title

Text sections support a number of formats by default with "Basic HTML" text formatting including Normal text, Headings 2 through 6, LinksBoldItalics, Numbered lists, Bulleted lists, Blockquotes, and Images.

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Students outdoors on the Mall on an unseasonably warm February day.
Images can be added into text sections. Note: these images cannot be re-used in other areas or sourced from the media browser. If that is desired, consider using "Image with Text" instead.

A subsection styled at a heading 3

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Last subsection in this text area

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