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What are Articles?

Your organization might differentiate between "blog posts", "statements", "press releases", or many other types of editorial content. The UMD Terp Theme simplifies all this by calling them all "articles". UMD Terp Article can be used to create any kind of editorial content for publication to the site. Four of the Articles used here as examples were originally published on Maryland Today.

Creating an Article Feed

Article feeds can be added to any page that supports the "View" section. We've used it here to create a page for displaying all the articles on the site in chronological order.

Latest News

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  • Maryland Today: Hitting ‘Play’ at Home

    Spoofing our reliance on shopping and technology while omitting any human presence, the enigmatic and boldly animated videos by Jonathan Monaghan MFA ’11 star in a new—and timely—online exhibit at the Art Gallery.

  • Maryland Today: Queen of Costumes

    For a costume designer who’s spent her career reflecting the African American experience in film and television, it was an intriguing prospect: envision the look of a futuristic African kingdom that’s rich in vibranium, not to mention helmed by a superhero.

    The charge to help give the fictional Wakanda a ring of authenticity and make it reflect the depth of African tribal customs and cultures sent Ruth E. Carter on a research odyssey that took her from Los Angeles to Atlanta to the Lesotho nation, working with a team of shoppers, designers, mold and jewelry makers and more. 

  • Maryland Today: Off the Wall

    hough born a century apart, singer Marian Anderson and 18th-century feminist Frances Wright are strolling through the halls of the National Portrait Gallery when suddenly they come across a series of photographs of Anderson. “Marian, this is all you!” cries Wright in her English lilt. Soon, the pair are discussing Anderson’s European travels and Wright’s birthplace across the pond.