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  • Maryland Today: Hitting ‘Play’ at Home

    Spoofing our reliance on shopping and technology while omitting any human presence, the enigmatic and boldly animated videos by Jonathan Monaghan MFA ’11 star in a new—and timely—online exhibit at the Art Gallery.

  • Maryland Today: Queen of Costumes

    For a costume designer who’s spent her career reflecting the African American experience in film and television, it was an intriguing prospect: envision the look of a futuristic African kingdom that’s rich in vibranium, not to mention helmed by a superhero.

    The charge to help give the fictional Wakanda a ring of authenticity and make it reflect the depth of African tribal customs and cultures sent Ruth E. Carter on a research odyssey that took her from Los Angeles to Atlanta to the Lesotho nation, working with a team of shoppers, designers, mold and jewelry makers and more. 

  • Maryland Today: Off the Wall

    hough born a century apart, singer Marian Anderson and 18th-century feminist Frances Wright are strolling through the halls of the National Portrait Gallery when suddenly they come across a series of photographs of Anderson. “Marian, this is all you!” cries Wright in her English lilt. Soon, the pair are discussing Anderson’s European travels and Wright’s birthplace across the pond.

  • Maryland Today: A Mission to Heal

    After serving as an Army psychological operations team leader in Iraq, Ben King quickly learned that what had helped him survive in a war zone wasn’t conducive to thriving in civilian life.

    “When you’re in a combat environment, mentally it’s just putting the mission first—when it comes to what’s going on for you, it’s very simple: You just disregard it,” King said. Detaching from his internal struggles soon led to drinking to help fall asleep, ignoring physical pain and powering through any emotional turmoil.